The Eastern Ontario ATV Club and its member clubs wish to inform you of the following policies and conditions prior to you purchasing a membership or trail access permit for OFATV / EOATV trail systems

  • Not all of OFATV trail systems accommodate all vehicle types; many clubs have limited / no access for vehicles wider than 50”. Be sure that you check with the local club prior to venturing out.
  • OFATV has a set maximum overall vehicle width of 65” (not wheel width) for “ALL” trails. Bridges and other obstacles on the trail may not have sufficient clearance to accommodate wider vehicles. If you have a wider vehicle we suggest that you contact the Ontario Federation of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs.
  • OFATV allows 4 wheeled ATVs, single rider, 2up, and single rider with a seat and a roll cage (Polaris Ace), vehicles with more than 4 wheels such as but not limited to the Can-Am Outlander 6×6 or the Polaris Trail-Boss, as well as side by sides, (up to 65” overall width) on our trail systems. This includes Roketa and other similar type dune buggies with the understanding that low clearance vehicles may have limitations on many trails.
  • OFATV does not allow: modified trucks, amphibious vehicles, vehicles with less than 4 wheels ( 3 wheelers or dirt bikes) on the trails.
  • There are OFATV Clubs that have legal trails designated as “shared use”, where other power sport organizations may have land use agreements in place which allow for off road vehicles on specific trail portions that are outside of the OFATV’s accepted vehicle portfolio.
  • Every vehicle allowed on OFATV trails must be registered and have a green off-road license plate or other jurisdiction equivalent affixed to the rear of the vehicle and have valid liability insurance.
  • The driver and each passenger MUST wear a helmet bearing at least one of the certification stamps listed(CSA-D230, BSI, DOT, Snell Memorial, UNEC No. 22) while on OFATV trail systems. We highly recommend other safety gear such as: over the ankle sturdy boots, long sleeve shirt and long pants, eye protection, body protection and gloves.

For more detailed information on the legal requirements for driving an ATV/ORV in Ontario, consult the Off-Road Vehicles Act (ORVA) and the Highway Traffic Act.

Memberships / Trail Permit

Individual Permit

One (1) Year
$150 ($132.74 + tax)

The price for an individual membership valid one (1) year from date of purchase.

Day Permit

One (1) day
$25 ($22.12 + tax)

Individual membership valid one (1) day from purchase date

Family Permit

Min 3 Permits

The Memberships must all be purchased at the same time. All permit holders must reside at the same address. Proof of residency is required for each membership being purchased.

Permit 1 & 2: $150.00 each ($132.74 + HST)
Permit 3 and up: $100.00 each (No Limit) ($88.50 + HST)

Up to 75% of your membership dollars are used to build and maintain ATV trails in the area in which you chose to sponsor when you purchased your membership / trail access permit. This is why it is extremely important to “buy where you ride” The remaining 25% pays for government taxes, (HST) liability insurance, government lobbying, and helps to cover the operating expenses of the ATV Club.

Here is a list of ATV, SxS and UTV dealers in our local area